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3 Biggest Misconceptions People Make About Tea

Hint - #2 is potentially detrimental to your health! 


Here are the 3 biggest MISCONCEPTIONS on tea: 


    1. Tea can only be consumed in cold/winter climates - This statement is a complete contradiction to the Caribbean, African, and even in Latin American cultural perspective towards tea. Specifically, the Caribbean Islands have a rich, deep embedded culture with consuming hot tea due to the herbs vibrant and potent health benefits. Tea is ritually consumed before having breakfast as the first meal of the day! 
    2. Tea is not healthy - The western world tend to categorize tea as the traditional "green" or "black" tea imported from Asia, which causes them to think of the beverage in limited perspective to just a "soothing" beverage. In the Caribbean, tea is culturally viewed and recognized as "bush tea". Bush tea are brewed herbs, in some cases plant roots/flowers which long have been associated with powerful health benefits to the body and mind. 
    3. Healthy tea blends are tasteless -  When healing herbs are well blended and crafted with high quality expert experience; a flavorful, reusable, aromatic, vibrant tea blend can be created! ALL because it's harvested, prepared, blended and packaged in it's natural state! Consuming organic tea can potentially be a more desirable solution for physical and/or mental aches such as stress, anxiety, cramps, fever, etc. due to it's rich aromatic properties. 

This list suggests, you want to make sure you're not only getting the most of out your tea consumption but you're also creating an unforgettable experience with it. This starts with the type of tea blends you consume.

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